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Oculus Rift Started Shipping

Oculus Rift has started Shipping

The news was announced from twitter Three Months before it was went up for Pre orders, The Deliveries will be beginning on March 28. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe in a Tweet. if...
Google is making Third-party Keyboard for iOS Reportedly

Google is making Third-party Keyboard for iOS Reportedly

According from a report, Search Giant Google is Making a third-party keyboard for Apple's iOS Platform. Report says that it is working from months now and for now there is no...
kindle fire hd 6

Fire HD 6 is on sale for $70 for today only on Amazon

iT is definitely a great deal and if you are looking to buy a tablet but it should be handy than it is the deal for you as it is 6...
iPhone SE Review Design Lovers

iPhone SE Review: Design Lovers

Now days every phone is Big if you want to buy a great flagship it will be big and you will be not able to use it with one hand that's...
Apple Music is now Updated for Android But the new feature iPhone owners don't have

Apple Music app is now Updated for Android But iPhone owners don’t have new...

Apple Music App was like the work still in progress and now apple has launched big update for the app that has added a new feature that a Widget. Apple Music is now...
Microsoft Lumia Windows 10 powered for $120

Microsoft Lumia 550 Windows 10 Powered now selling for $120 in US

Microsoft Lumia has Got Price Cut in the United States, now it is sold for $119.95. There is a Electronic retailer which has listed this offer for just White-colored handset the black...
Samsung Pay and Alipay are partners now in China

Samsung Pay and Alipay are now partners in China

Samsung Pay is going very successful and Now it took a new step Samsung Pay and Alipay partners in China. Samsung Pay Completed 1 trillion won in transactions in South Korea and...
Apple Watch Hermes, Apple Watch, Apple

Apple Watch Hermes Now You Can Order it Online

It Was only available in physical stores but now the Apple Watch Hermes Collection is available online, you can order it but if you are willing to pay $1,100 to $1,500...
LG 360 Cam on Pre Order For US $200

LG 360 Cam on Pre Order For US $200

The LG 360 Cam it is a compact photo sphare imager. it is now on Pre Order on Stores and There is no shipping date listed for now, and the LG...
PlayStation VR For $399

Sony will still make profit on Playstation VR, Even at the $399 Price

Few days ago Sony Finally announced the official pricing of the upcoming PlayStation VR (virtual reality) headset at $399 or £349 in the UK, and it turns out that it's cheaper...

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