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Most Powerful Console Xbox One X (Project Scorpio) For $499

Most Powerful Console (Project Scorpio) Named Xbox One X Officially Revealed Priced at $499. I’m pretty excited but Now it’s finally Project Scorpio is announced and It’s officially name is Xbox One...
Intel New X Series i9 Chip with 18 Cores

Intel New X Series i9 Chip with 18 Cores

If you like best of the things, best resolution, Best Games, thousands of apps running in the background? You are also a content creator or enthusiast or a gamer? So if you are...
E3 2017 Playstation and Microsoft Conference

E3 2017 All Press Conferences Dates And Times

It's really exciting before the E3 especially Sony press conference, let's hope for Last of Us 2 Gameplay that will be incredible or New games from Guerrilla games, Sucker Punch or...
AMD Adds RX 580 And RX 570 Graphics Cards Drivers Support

AMD Adds RX 580 And RX 570 Graphics Cards Drivers Support

AMD has launched its new Graphics Cards series RX 580 and RX570 Video Cards. And Now AMD released Radeon Crimson ReLive software suit with Drivers support for both cards, Also with support of...
Nintendo Switch Update 2.2.0

Nintendo Switch Update 2.2.0 Brings Stability

Nintendo rolled today system update for Nintendo Switch which brings "general system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience," notes says   Your Switch console will automatically download and install it if your switch...
Uncharted 4 Gets Patch Fixed Multiplayer Issue

Uncharted 4 New Patch Fixed Multiplayer Issue

Naughty Dog Announced on their site that they have released a new PATCH 1.23.070 for Multiplayer. The main reason is there was a bug When the Ranked Season 5 was launched on...
PS4 Pro Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Review Horizon: Zero Dawn

The world of horizon zero dawn is a tense one to travel at first, They save those who would give up freedom for safety deserve neither and i found that same notion...
ReCore Definitive Edition is coming RUMOR

ReCore Definitive Edition is coming RUMOR

ReCore is a Xbox One Exclusive, and a German Ratings board has rated its Definitive Edition Before announcement from Microsoft or Armature Studios. The DLC was announced last December and some content...
PS4 Pro Upscaling Games, Native 4K or 60FPS

PS4 Pro UpScaling Games, Native 4K or 60FPS?

PlayStation 4 Pro has many games patches coming but Here we are going to talk about those games which already got the patch and Do we really have much difference between native...
PS4 System Update 4.50 External HDD & PS4 Pro Boost Mode

PS4 System Update 4.50 External HDD & PS4 Pro Boost Mode

Sony is finally listening to the audience and in PS4 System update 4.50 will have some great features. PS4 4.50 update will enable PS4 to support external HDD If you purchase games online...

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Google Photos turns one year old and reaches 200 million users

Google Photos is a photo and video hosting service and Now it is one year old, To celebrate it Google Company has revealed some interesting...