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Xbox Scorpio a 4K Console Announced

Project Scorpio will be Most Powerful Console Ever Made, Microsoft Believes

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a New Console Xbox Scorpio, calling it a "beast" in Power and Aaron Greenberg the Xbox marketing head has said that they will...
Battlefield 1 First Gameplay Trailer and Details Revealedvideo

Battlefield 1 First Gameplay Trailer and Details Revealed

Today EA held its Press Conference and it has shown the first gameplay trailer of the upcoming Battlefield 1 and more details about the game. The game is running in the Frostbite...
Gears of war cross-platform play between xbox one vs windows 10

Gears OF War 4 to have cross-platform play

Good News for Gears of war fans now they will be able to play cross-platform between xbox one and Windows 10 in versus mode. It was announced today by The developer The...
Playstation E3 2018 Important Announcements

Sony E3 2018 Important Announcements (Videos Inside)

Sony E3 has been finished and Now we have some new gameplays. Before the E3 Playstation 5 in 2020, Says John Kodera But still We were hoping for any announcement or Hint of...
PS4 VS Xbox Sales January 2016

Once again PS4 Was the Top Seller and Xbox One surpassed 1 billion gaming...

NPD's data for the first month of this new year 2016 has revealed and it shows that PS4 once again was the leader in sales, the specific sales numbers were not...
PSN Name Change Finally coming in 2019

PSN Name Change Finally coming in 2019

Finally after 13 years of PSN launch this feature was demanded by most of the PSN users and Last year major update Sony teased username change would come in 2018. Now changing...
Playstation 5 in 2020

Playstation 5 in 2020, Says John Kodera

On Tuesday John Kodera said Playstation 4 is entering the end of its lifecycle, Which will all thought that Next Gen is near and Sony's own Bend Studio is finding a programmer for...
Ubisoft has confirmed E3 2016 Press Conference Date and Time

Ubisoft has announced E3 2016 Press Conference Date and Time

Ubisoft is known for its great franchises like Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs, The Division and many more, and Now we have to see what new games are in progress of Ubisoft...
Apple Arcade Hit or Miss

Apple Arcade Hit or Miss?

Apple recently announced a new service called Apple Arcade, Basically this service is not anything new it is just like Xbox Game Pass but it will also bring the...
Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster 800,000 Copies Sold

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster 800,000 Copies Sold

Capcom has revealed that Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster 800,000 Copies are successfully Sold and they are very happy with it. In terms of these HD remasters of catalog titles,last fiscal year“Resident...

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