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PlayStaion 4 System Software 3.50 Available Now Remote Play on PC

PlayStaion 4 System Software 3.50 Available with PC/Mac Remote Play Feature

The major system software update is here now, PlayStaion 4 System Software 3.50. This major update is focused on Remote Play on PC/Mac and making it easier to play together with friends, You...

Mafia 3 Here are the New Screenshots

Here are the New Mafia 3 Screenshots and they are leaked from GDC Presentation by Hanger 13 Systems Designer Seth Rosen. You can Check out all of the Amazing Looking Screenshots of the...
Quantum Break Developers Tweeted About Making Games Difficulties

Quantum Break Developers Tweeted About Making Games Difficulties

Quantum Break is out now you can enjoy it and developers of the game they have something to say to you and their feelings. Mikko Rautalahti saying now days it is very...
Oculus Rift Shipment Getting Delays

Oculus Rift Shipment Getting Delays

Oculus Rift was started shipping few days a we reported that (Oculus Rift has started Shipping) and the Company Co Founder CEO Palmer Luckey delivered first Oculus Rift himself. Now the company...
Oculus Rift Started Shipping

Oculus Rift has started Shipping

The news was announced from twitter Three Months before it was went up for Pre orders, The Deliveries will be beginning on March 28. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe in a Tweet. if...
Spotify Now in indonesia

Spotify is now launching in Indonesia this month

Spotify is a Music streaming company it has announced it will be launching it's service in Indonesia and Indonesia is the worlds fourth most populous country so it will get Spotify...
PS4.5 Support

Sony is rumored to be Working on upgraded PlayStation 4.5 with 4K Support

From unnamed "Developer Sources", The Sony Company has started work on an upgraded PlayStation 4 Gaming Console. This new Version won't be PS5 or Fully Changed. Instead, the GPU Power will be...
PS4 VS Xbox Sales January 2016

Once again PS4 Was the Top Seller and Xbox One surpassed 1 billion gaming...

NPD's data for the first month of this new year 2016 has revealed and it shows that PS4 once again was the leader in sales, the specific sales numbers were not...
Rockstar Games Sale on PSN

Rockstar Games Sale! This Week on Playstation Store

There will be Sale of Rockstar games on PSN, PlayStation Store has dropped the price 35 percent, The GTA V on the PS4 just for $38.99 and if you have not...
PlayStation VR For $399

Sony will still make profit on Playstation VR, Even at the $399 Price

Few days ago Sony Finally announced the official pricing of the upcoming PlayStation VR (virtual reality) headset at $399 or £349 in the UK, and it turns out that it's cheaper...

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