Rian Johnson Revealed Star Wars Episode VIII Details NO TIME SKIP!

Star Wars celebration Europe has given us tons of new information and new news and really ramped up the stars wars community, We have gotten information that there’s going to be a new timothy zahn book and we’ve got a rebel season 3 trailer.

The life death book has been out now with a lot of new revelations, There’s just so much going on but the latest piece of information i want to discuss on this article and get the Star Wars communities thought on is the revelations from Rian Johnson director of Star Wars Episode 8 that Star Wars episode 8 will be the first movie of all the Star Wars films to have


Yes that’s right it’s been discussed, it’s been speculated on by a lot of the community.

We were wondering is this film Star Wars Episode VIII going to happen right after episode 7 will it pick up immediately from the scene where Rey holds out the lightsaber and Luke Skywalker is there where the film will pick up some folks thought it was going to happen maybe a month later, maybe a few months later or maybe even a year later but no folks the film will begin right where force awakens left off.

I am kind of mixed about Star Wars Episode 8, I’m not really sure what to think of it Rian Johnson himself was quoted as saying it’s a break from tradition But

Do we really want break in tradition for Star Wars Episode 8?

Hardcore lifelong Star Wars fans are they okay with this? Are they okay with this break-in tradition? and of course that begs the question, We know this film is going to have a crawl because every Star Wars film has an opening crawl and it’s mandatory for Star Wars main movie but what will the cross-state will they just recap Star Wars the force awakens or will they tell us about something else going on the galaxy?

When we last left off our characters it wasn’t just that Rey was handing loop the lightsaber kylo ren i just been beaten in battle and was about to get training from supreme leader Snoke so will we see this training in Star Wars Episode 8 to me very intriguing stuff here.

Rian Johnson also added the second film is where we zoom into the characters getting to the heart of them and challenging them, We’ve heard the film is going to be dark I’m pretty sure it will be so let me know your thoughts down below in the comments section are you okay with this film picking up right after force awakens? and how do you think the crawl is going to go what could they talk about in the crawl will they just recap force awakens let me know down below.


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