Horizon Zero Dawn Director Leaves Guerrilla After 12 Years

Steven ter Heide is the man who made the Killzone series and Horizon: Zero Dawn that much great games.

It’s been 12 years he was working in Guerrilla Games.

As you can see the tweet, He is leaving to start a new advanture which means Steven ter Heide is not leaving Gaming Industry.

Maybe Steven ter Heide Leaving Guerrilla & starting his own studio

Steven ter Heide Leaves Guerrilla Games

I hope this will not effect the Killzone series and This means that no any Killzone is underprogress or as after Horizon Zero Dawn,

I hope a new Killzone game from Guerrilla Games but Leaving Director makes me think.

Horizon Zero Dawn Director Leaves

Maybe He already done his work on the new game or There is no Killzone game in progress?

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