PlayStation 4 slim images

Today’s article is to inform those who are thinking of purchasing PlayStation 4 in the next couple of weeks.

PlayStation 4 Slim images are leaked

You may want to pump the brakes a little because the leaked images of the students PlayStation 4 slim surfaced on the internet today and there is no any other information then that,

In these images you can see that what showcased is a PlayStation slim 500 gigabyte model, There is no other information about different models Sony is going to be offering.

There was actually later confirmed by an anonymous source that it is going to be coming out in September 14 so not to long from now,

Those of you who are considering picking one up and thinking wow it’s the PlayStation 4 I’m all over that, So once again you might want to slow your mind and stop throwing your money at the screen and hold off those pre-orders,

Because on September 7th Sony is holding a PlayStation event the last time they had one of these events and that was the time they actually announced and gave details of the PlayStation 4,

So on the event on September 7th, Sony is expected to give new details in terms of specs price and release date of the

PlayStation NEO which is the NextGen 4K console

And it is expected to come out on the holiday season of this year.

So if you are going to buy a PlayStation 4 you should wait for this event so if Sony officially announces the Playstation Slim version,

I expect it to fall in the same line to the exact same price brackets of the current PlayStation 4 Model and also you will have better specs, Better stuff inside or the current version price will be decreased.

Who knows if Sony announces the PlayStation NEO Release Date, 4K lovers will have to wait.


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It will probably come in a higher budget, higher money brackets so once again it’s all upto you guys what you want.

But keep this in mind that this all is just unconfirmed, rumors, speculations and leaks so let me know what you think in the comments section.


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