Twitter Released Vine App for Windows 10

Twitter Released Vine App for Windows 10

Twitter acquired Vine in October 2012 and Now Twitter has Released Vine app for Windows 10 Means all the devices from smartphones, tablets to desktops. Vine app was available for Windows Phone...
WhatsApp is working on a native Windows and Mac Apps

Whatsapp Making Native Windows and Mac Apps

Whatsapp company may be working on Windows and Mac native Apps, On a Twitter a user WABetaInfo has found a screenshots of Whatsapp translation website there you can see links of...

Windows Store will now tell if an app is built for windows 10

Microsoft has roll out a update to Windows Store for Windows 10. There is no changelog with the update, but there is an interesting thing in store listings now that you...
Shut Down Picasa

Google has Decided to Shut Down Picasa

Last Year Google launched Google Photos but Google did not shut down Picasa at that time. After very long time researching google has finally decided to shut down Picasa This Spring. Now Google...

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