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12-core Ryzen 9 3900X is 7nm

PS5 & AMD New RX 5000 & 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X

At Computex 2019, AMD has revealed it's latest chips Ryzen 3000 Processors, Ryzen 9 3900X is a 12-core cpu and will be clocked at 4.6GHZ for only $499.
PS4 keeps winning in U.S. NPD Data Reveals

PS4 still dominating in U.S. NPD Data Reveals

Today NPD revealed via a press release from Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation 4 once again outsold its rival Xbox One in United States for both Software and Hardware, that's really great news...
Battlefield 1 First Gameplay Trailer and Details Revealedvideo

Battlefield 1 First Gameplay Trailer and Details Revealed

Today EA held its Press Conference and it has shown the first gameplay trailer of the upcoming Battlefield 1 and more details about the game. The game is running in the Frostbite...
PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro: Specs, Price and Release Date Revealed

Before E3 2016 Sony confirmed The New High-End PlayStation 4 Version and now Sony has revealed it. Rumors Were coming that Sony will release the PS4 NEO this year and In the...
Quake Champions E3 2016 Trailervideo

Quake Champions E3 Trailer Bethesda Press Conference

Bethesda E3 Press Conference was amazing as they have shared many interesting things and they have also revealed the New Quake Champions first person shooter for only PC and Here are...
Nvidia RTX 2080 Will Cost Only $649

Nvidia RTX 2080 Will Cost Only $649

Yes that's right. The latest rumor from Baidu says that the Upcoming Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 will be for $649. The information is not direct or not very strong source as a...
EA Sports UFC Review

EA Sports UFC Quick Review

EA Sports UFC is the Biggest MMA game since EA Sports MMA in 2010. This game features 97 UFC fighters, In the starting game presents you tutorial which shows how to do...
Dishonored 2 Gameplay from E3 2016video

Dishonored 2 Gameplay Reveals at E3 2016

Before they showed the Dishonored 2 Gameplay Trailer, Now we have the gameplay, The Dishonored 2 is running in Void Engine, You will have 2 characters Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano, bodygourd...
Xbox Scorpio a 4K Console Announced

Project Scorpio will be Most Powerful Console Ever Made, Microsoft Believes

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a New Console Xbox Scorpio, calling it a "beast" in Power and Aaron Greenberg the Xbox marketing head has said that they will...
Stadia Cloud Gaming Service

Google’s Cloud Gaming Platform Stadia

In the GDC 2019 Google announced the Stadia, video games streaming service which works through browser chrome. Stadia will bring pc games to your phone or pixel book, Google streaming technology will...

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