Apple Watch Hermes, Apple Watch, Apple

It Was only available in physical stores but now the Apple Watch Hermes Collection is available online, you can order it but if you are willing to pay $1,100 to $1,500 Price tags.

Now it is listed on Apple’s online store, 7 out of 10 available models they are based on 38mm Apple Watch. The Double Tour Models, which are popular and the most wanted to get ones, They come in Four Colors and in only 38mm size. Price $1,250/€1,450/£1,150.

Single Tour models which means regular leather strap are for $1,100/€1,300/£1,000  and for the 38mm case and 50 more of either currency for the larger version.

Apple Watch Hermes Cuff is the most expensive, only available in 42mm size and listed for $1,500/€1,750/£1,350.


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