Intel New X Series i9 Chip with 18 Cores

If you like best of the things, best resolution, Best Games, thousands of apps running in the background?

You are also a content creator or enthusiast or a gamer?

So if you are all of this so you are the target audience of the Intel’s new X platform.


Intel says that X series is the most extreme desktop processors they have ever made, this promises highest performance and advance gaming, VR and Content creation.

Intel X Series Brings Competition for Ryzen

Intel X Series Core i9 Chips
Intel Core i9-1980XE is the Most Powerful Processor with 36 Threads

The new X processors will work with Intel’s New X299 Chipset and It will also roll out in the coming weeks with the processors.

Please leave comments below what you think AMD Ryzen or Intel X Series?


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