Rockstar Games Sale! This Week on Playstation Store

Rockstar Games Sale on PSN
There will be Sale of Rockstar games on PSN, PlayStation Store has dropped the price 35 percent, The GTA V on the PS4 just for $38.99 and if you have not picked up the awesome games of Rockstar than this is the time.

There will be other Rockstar games Recent port of GTA III on the PS4 $8.99, GTA 4 on the ps3 $3.99, and San Andreas on PS4 for $8.99 and GTA V on PS3 $25.19. and some in-game purchases bundles are on sale and other rockstar games like L.A NOIRE Collection, MAX Payne 3, Collection, RDR and Bully.

That is a Great Offer if you have not played any of these games than you should check out for more information please visit PlayStation Store.


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