Google Now on Tap update Text Select and Image Search

Now you can Tap Select any image or text then you can select the source you want to search in,

If you want to search an image from Pinterest to know more about the image,

Or you can use your phone camera to get information about any location you are,

Or thing just look for the logo or landmarks Then you will get the information about the image.

These are the New Coming Features of Google Now.

Image Search NowOnTap Word Select


These New Google Now on Tap Features will begin to roll out Now and It might take some days to complete so get ready for the new search system.

Image Search NowOnTap Tree image search

Words definitions will be only in English right now for other languages definitions you have to wait.

Image Search NowOnTap Feature BayBridge

For more information on the Features Please visit the Source Link Below.


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