Google Pixel Phones

Nexus lineup is now rest in peace but Welcome the Google Pixel line coming October 4th where Google is going to unveil 2 new phones that are going to be Google Pixel and Pixel XL,

Been hearing about these phones for months they are codenamed marlin and sailfish.

But now thanks to the folks at AndroidPolice we know that how the phones are going to look like and pretty much all the specs,

So let me tell you what’s going to happen in October 4th that i can see the future so first we are going to see a new launcher used to be at the Google now launcher was the launcher that came on stock android nexus phones subsequently looks to be like Google wants more control over the software.

I should mention that the prices will be little bit more expensive than this generation.

The Hardware is not going to be made by google, It is going to be made by HTC for the both phones.

New launcher looks good it is redone it looks a little cleaner icons are around nothing makes it different from android.

Say Good-Bye to nexus devices as Google future devices will be referred to Google Pixel

Google Pixel Phones
The specs of the phones one is going to be a 5-inch from this is one that was previously named sailfish,

This will be a 5-inch screen device with Full HD Display and it will have 2770 mAh battery, 4 gigs ram 12MP camera on the back 8-megapixel on the front,

Headphone jack mounted on top and a fingerprint sensor living on the back, and quad-core 2.0GHz 64-bit processor.

We don’t find a confirmation on the processor presumably it will be the snapdragon 820 family that we also don’t know if it makes for waterproofing.

The phone is a little bit of HTC’s so it will probably be metal which means you can probably say goodbye to wireless charging,

The 5.5 inch device will be named Marlin is going to be the Google Pixel XL and specs gonna be relatively similar except for the screen going to be bumped up 5.5 and QHD display.

Google Pixel XL

The battery is going to be bigger 3450mAh but the same protocol camera on the back and smaller version of exactly the same phones how it’s going to be better than outgoing nexus 6p i don’t know really an improvement over what we have with the lg-made 5x.

So what do you guys think are you excited about the pixel phones Now We pretty much know everything about the phones how they are going to look like,

I’m excited about new lineup of Google Pixel Devices please leave your comments down below and let us know what you think.


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