Bing Android App update now you can search by image

Bing is a Search Engine owned by Microsoft and the company has released the Update for Bing’s Android app,

With important features like Search by image with this feature now you can search an image and get other same images like it,

Or more information about the image, Bing’s iOS app already has this feature.

The update also brings some other feature and another interesting feature is Touch Query

It will bring you New Suggestions for image and video search by tapping on the separate words,

Now you can read bar codes with this update.

Here is the full details of What’s New

• Search by image: Snap a pic and find similar images online
• Touch query: Get new suggestions for image and video search by tapping the separate words
• Image insights: Get more information on the image you look
• Barcode scanner: Better shopping with results from more stores (including eBay, Best Buy, and more)


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