Microsoft Lumia Windows 10 powered for $120

Microsoft Lumia has Got Price Cut in the United States, now it is sold for $119.95.
There is a Electronic retailer which has listed this offer for just White-colored handset the black version is listed for $129.95.

And on Microsoft’s US online store reveals that the company is selling the device for $139, so $119.95 offer is only For US and There is a Electronic Retailer which has listed this offer and you might find this price point on many other stores as well if you want to get a windows phone this is the offer for you as it is Windows Phone 10 Powered Device if you do not know that Windows Phone 10 is just launched and it is a Great Operating system with many new features it is fast, Now they have updated the store and Menu basically it is a new experience from Windows Phone 8.1 or Denim or any other previous version of this OS .


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